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  The Flirt by Jenny Jarnagin

The Flirt cover art

Artist: Jenny Jarnagin
Title: The Flirt
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

The piano is an eloquent instrument in the hands of an intelligent musician and Jenny Jarnagin is nothing if not intelligent and eloquent.  “The Flirt” is her seventh album and it has the polish that you might expect of a seasoned performer.

The ivories are properly tinkled throughout but this is not mere showmanship. The piano supports her songs in a way borne of the past. A past when musical ability actually mattered and Jenny Jarnagin uses her all to make those songs matter. She goes flighty on the uptempo “Don’t Be Bitter”. She goes  all old timey on “The Flirt” and she is so convincing that you are drawn to think that she should actually be on an old 78rpm disc. Then she goes a little bit country – and we are talking Emmylou rather than Dolly – on “Okie Girl”. There’s talent in there without a doubt.

It would be easy to write Ms Jarnagin off as easy listening. It would but that would be to her an injustice. She’s too lyrically smart for a start and she knows how to assemble a song so that its sounds simpler than it actually is. “The Flirt” isn’t, on the surface at least,  a showy album. In fact, it is somewhat understated in its presentation and that belies the emotion contained in her words. One play and you might miss the point. Give it another and you will be giving it plenty more spins just to make sure that Ms Jarnagin can touch you again.

“The Flirt” is therefore recommended for those of us who know that computers will never be a substitute for having a real beating heart.  Jenny Jarnagin has a real beating heart.

The album is available from CD Baby and the usual online sites.
Review Date: June 9 2013