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  Stay Wild by The Creeping Ivies

Stay Wild cover art

Artist: The Creeping Ivies
Title: Stay Wild
Catalogue Number: Dead Beat Records DB106
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2013

It’s clap your hands and bang your heads against the garage wall time as Glasgow’s The Creeping Ivies do their two up two down fifties rock ‘n’ roll duo thing once more with their album “Stay Wild”. It’s a family affair and that’s a fact.

With the reverb set on stun, The Creeping Ivies start as they mean to continue. You don’t get lush arrangements here but they wouldn’t fit within the confines of your average garage anyway. Nor do you get an excessive amount of pesky chord changes.  It’s just not that kind of music. The wonderfully named Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction don’t even do tempo changes unless they really have to preferring instead a meandering bang thud strut your stuff down the street pace.
So from “Black Cat” to “Stay Wild”, it’s the voice of our Becca that makes the difference (or the star quality if you like). She’s like a grittier version of Kim Lenz and she might well be in need of some anger management therapy as “The House of Ivy” ably demonstrates. I don’t doubt that she would take your last cigarette.

The sound quality of this translucent green vinyl release is about as good as you might expect of a low budget production and kind of fits the band’s authentic style anyway.

Review Date: June 9, 2013