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  I Kat The Blues by Kat & Co

I Kat The Blues cover art

Artist: Kat & Co
Title: I Kat The Blues
Catalogue Number: ToneTrade Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

The only way forward is back meaning no disrespect to Kat & Co for they are never less than earnest in their affectionate recreation of the heyday, in commercial terms at least, of the blues. It’s a style thing and they stick to it religiously throughout the ten tracks that make up this album.

Never less than poised, confident and worldly, Kat makes each and every word sound like they a personal statement. It takes a real singer to do that and, like all singers of distinction, she makes the most of even the most average song.  “Make It Rain”, as an example, could not be more conventional and yet she always remains convincing and, let’s be clear on this, fresh.  She’s got a spring in her step that contrasts remarkably with the overly diligent approach shown by the rest of her band.

If you want the song that's worth the price of admission however, you’ll have to wait right until the end.  “Your Own Sweet Way” steps away from the path and demonstrates exactly what makes our Kat special. No robot could ever have the heart and soul that she has.
So it looks like it’s one for my baby and the rest for the road.

Review Date: June 4 2013