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  This, That & The Other Thing by Rusty Wright Band

This, That & The Other Thing cover art

Artist: Rusty Wright Band
Title: This, That & The Other Thing
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Another day and time for another blues album. Or at least it would be if I actually listened to blues albums anymore. Well, actually I do for the blues, as they say, is ain’t nothing but a feeling and I’m feeling good about “This, That & The Other Thing” by the Rusty Wright Band.

Once more for those in the cheap seats, “This, That & The Other Thing” is an album to make you feel good. It goes down well with both beer and barbecues too with Rusty Wright’s guitar getting that meat cooked all the way through. There’s some surprisingly conventionality – s rip roaring clone of “Mississippi Queen” leads the way here – and a walk on the wild side with a positively pious take on “Whole Lotta Rosie” but the Rusty way, and this may well be an ecumenical matter, is to walk you through an uplifting set of original numbers that demonstrate that digging up the past can be the path to happiness.

Words, perhaps even prayers to worshippers of the fretboard, could legitimately lavished on the sheer fluidity of Rusty Wright’s finger work with the on the money shot being the cooking it up until the sun goes down “High Price Woman”.

For once, calling a band festival friendly is no insult.

Review Date: April 25 2013