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  Party Feel by Gastric Band

Party Feel cover art

Artist: Gastric Band
Title: Party Feel
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM37
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

There you go. Or there I go anyway thinking that musicianship is a lost art in the hell of mediocrity that is rock music in Scotland and along comes a post rock band that can actually keep it together for the length of an album. That band is called, probably for commercial suicide reasons, Gastric Band and their album, again probably for commercial suicide reasons judging by the cover art, is named Party Feel.

Borne of several bands that few will have heard of, these Scottish terraformers are determined to relay the tarmac and make a road that would take them into Europe to compete with the likes of Hyper Evol, Chausse Trappe or Appaloosa. There’s no point worrying about songs here as these instrumental excursions into freeform tub thumping and picking roll around the room before snapping you to attention. A verse, a chorus? Nothing as simple as that but this is not deliberate disorder either. No, this is the sound of self-indulgence and not the pitiful self-indulgence of the singer songwriter either. Each and every song is systematically kicked around the room until it hands over its pocket money because that’s what proper musicians do.

“Party Feel” proves that Gastric Band have no need of your love. However, you might as well give it to them as you can guarantee that these guys are some of the few doing it for real. Inhale them now before they vanish into obscurity.

Review Date: April 7, 2013