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  Papa Cremp by Cherry Glazerr

Papa Cremp cover art

Artist: Cherry Glazerr
Title: Papa Cremp
Catalogue Number: Burger Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Time for another venture into the wonderful world of low budget cassette releases with, this time, “Papa Cremp” by Cherry Glazerr being selected as the subject of these words that might, on a cloudy day, be mistaken for a review.

Besides the oddity of the cassette format, these eight songs also present themselves as something unusual like a cross between teenage angst – anybody remember Debbie Gibson? – and a halfway house occupied by both Lou Reed and Captain Beefheart. There’s the crumbling reflection of being betrayed that casts a dark shadow over “Glenn The Dawgg” that suggests  random violence and a decent drug addiction aren’t far from songwriter Clementine Creevy’s mind.  That’s just the start. Move on a track and things get surreal as “Grilled Cheese” positively revels in its left field deconstruction.  It’s nearly enough to make you put a call into the FBI serial killer hotline. You want more evidence? “Cat Sitting In My Room”, despite its apparent restraint,  provides just that so drop the dime now.

There you have it, Cherry Glazerr sound superficially cute and girly but pay attention to those words and you start to wonder if it is really safe to listen to them.  Then again, the Brothers Grimm wrote children’s stories that weren’t really what they purported to be either.

Review Date: March 10, 2013