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  Nocturnals by Haq

Nocturnals cover art

Artist: Haq
Title: Nocturnals
Catalogue Number: Bearsuit Records BS020
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

One day I’ll write a book and that book will be about the day that a reviewer lost control and eliminated every practitioner of third rate bedsit electronica that he could locate only to find out that he had exterminated everybody that nobody had ever heard of.  After having to listen to “Nocturnals” by Haq, that day of reckoning cannot be far away.

So, onwards and downwards into the “music”. I hesitate to call this album music as it is just a collection of randomly assembled sounds with the vaguest attempt at holding it all together provided solely by the voice of Nozomi.  Differentiating one “song” from another isn’t worth the effort and the near total lack of attention to sound quality further reinforces my viewpoint that Haq are doing it for – and probably to – themselves. I can practically guarantee that a sock puppet would make a better album than this.

Yet again for a release on Bearsuit Records, the cover of this album is considerably more interesting and artistic than the contents.

Review Date: March 10, 2013