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  Top Surprise by Klouds

Top Surprise cover art

Artist: Klouds
Title: Top Surprise
Catalogue Number: Pug Records PUG005
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Perhaps you feel that there is something missing from your life? A musical experience that has passed by unnoticed? Something like Brazilian noise pop and to that late into the night party we must introduce Klouds.

One thing is for certain from their “Top Surprise” EP. Klouds have no plans for commercial success as they diligently follow the path to wilful obscurity. You can actually feel the musical talent within this band but in “K-Complex” they soon display a casual disregard for such things as completed songs. “Ready For The Haze” is, or at least would be, an effective upbeat indie pop song but, just in case you might get to like the song, Klouds have taken the added precaution of drowning it in lo-fi distortion thus rendering it tiresome.

“Klein Blues”, fortunately, is cleanly recorded if curiously American in its approach as if downtown Pasadena was preferable to Brazil as a source of musical inspiration. In summary therefore, there are ideas aplenty here but Klouds just don’t seem to believe in any form of quality control. Some parties, it would seem, just aren't worth the effort.

Available from Bandcamp.

Review Date: March 5, 2013