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  Grace, Poise, Clarity by Go On Do It Jump

Grace, Poise, Clarity cover art

Artist: Go On Do It Jump
Title: Grace, Poise, Clarity
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Go On Do It Jump are an indie rock band from Oxfordshire although being from rather lovely geographic location doesn’t seem to have made them sound any different from any other competent indie rock band from anywhere.

Keeping to the playbook, you get the expected earnest vocals, thud bang drumming and oft revisited power chords that you expect of an indie rock band with no sign whatsoever of any originality or indeed any  desire to be so.  That’s a shame as with a decent drummer, a talented guitarist and a better songwriter, Go On Do It Jump could be an entirely different band.

Until then it’s five songs down and I can’t remember a single one of them. Go On Do It Jump are truly a band for our times.

Review Date: March 5, 2013