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  Young Enough To Know It All by Well Hung Heart

Young Enough To Know It All cover art

Artist: Well Hung Heart
Title: Young Enough To Know It All
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

Don’t drive drunk. That’s good advice. Don’t write drunk, however, is something that also should really be advised against. My typing is in danger of resembling my appalling handwriting and the spellchecker has a less than wonderful chance of deciphering my incoherence. That and I’ve just headbutted the laptop for the second time. There’s another one for you. Don’t listen on headphones whilst drunk. God bless Guinness Foreign Export otherwise.

So, the volume is cranked up high and Well Hung Heart’s debut album “Young Enough To Know It All” is digitally violating my eardrums.  Robin Davey is rolling down the river in maximum riff mode and he’s pumping the overdriven reverb all the way. They should make him Pope. Really, they should. Greta Valenti alternately entrances, as in “Love Me Baby”, and scares you shitless.  On “Bulls_it”, she sounds like she could run off a whole Hell’s Angel chapter before stabbing your ex-girlfriend in the head. Repeatedly.

Underneath all that attitude and depleted uranium hitting power, however, is something often forgotten in the rush to transient fame. Well Hung Heart are a proper band that sound like they live and breathe as one. Phil Wilson just has to be a runaway from a much bigger band judging by his floor pounding, kit punishing drumming style. Robin Davey switches styles easily and turns his fretboard into ideal the weapon for the job every time.  Take the slide into the blues that turns “You Got Me” into a Chicago ghetto fashion statement as the proof. As for Greta Valenti, you can’t imagine her doing anything else other than performing. Well, maybe armed robbery…

“Young Enough To Know It All” is an antidote to the anodyne. It’s as simple as that.

The album is available from Bandcamp.

Review Date: March 3, 2013