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  The Telling Tales EP by The Ragamuffins

The Telling Tales EP cover art

Artist: The Ragamuffins
Title: The Telling Tales EP
Catalogue Number: 7L Recordings
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2013

Ha Ha said the clown! You weren’t expecting a bit of energetic indie pop to treat your ears with rampantly infectious good time cheer were you? Such, no doubt only available from chemists, aural medication is just what The Ragamuffins deliver with their “Telling Tales” EP.

So, with relentless enthusiasm on their side, The Ragamuffins soon drag your feet to the dance floor with the Northern Soul styled title track and, duly, even a bishop would be compelled to leave the pulpit to get on down with the congregation. “Acting Clever” is more uptown Motown in its influences but equally likely to turn toe tapping into action.

In comparison, “It Never Rains on Mossley Hill”, walks confidently towards the loungecore VIP room in a smart suit before the sweaty good times return with the up-tempo “Paint By Numbers”.  There might only be five songs here but that’s more than enough to justify going all sentimental on the last one and the lyrically sharp “Wishful Thinking” keeps you going until the lights come on.

Every time I hear The Ragamuffins I feel obliged to say thank you for the music. So, once again, thank you.

Review Date: March 3, 2013