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  Only Daughter by Rebecca Pronsky

Only Daughter cover art

Artist: Rebecca Pronsky
Title: Only Daughter
Catalogue Number: Nine Mile NMR0142
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2013

It takes courage to deliberately make an album laced with the laconic and the laidback. Rebecca Pronsky seems to have that courage and with her album “Only Daughter” she provides the evidence of her success in her approach.

This is a slow building album. There’s nothing to really catch your ear the first time around and Ms Pronsky’s vocals seem deliberately devoid of colour with nothing as commonplace as a sing-along chorus to distract you from your daily routine. Even in my most attentive reviewer mode, it took until “Come Down” before the album pulled itself into focus and, indeed, to the fifties style “Please Forget Me” before the point of this endeavour became clear.

I reckon that Rebecca Pronsky is making a more personal statement here than is the norm for a practitioner in the Americana genre. It does take a certain maturity for an artist to divert herself from walking down the easy street of commercialism – and even go so far to weigh down her album further with the most monochrome of productions – and instead follow her own path. Patience and persistence are required to appreciate this album and they, unfortunately, seems to be beyond the capabilities of the average listener these days.

Review Date: February 14, 2013