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  Plant by Special People

Plant cover art

Artist: Special People
Title: Plant
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Are Special People here to entertain you? Maybe, if your drug of choice is cut with no-fi stoner rock delivered to you in that most arcane of formats, the cassette.  Let us wait no more however and duly dive into the abyss with those Baltimore lost boys Special People.

Summery pop clearly isn’t on the agenda and, should you be wanting a soundtrack to walk on the bleak side, then “Memorial”, with its satisfying swerve into proto metal, would have to be a prime candidate. “You Did What You Wanted” is a touch more auburn in its last ditch assault on nihilism and would certainly break any monotony that you might be finding yourself drowning in.

As something of a contrast “Black Mirror” takes a more reflective and very nearly melodic direction and successfully manages to invoke the demon of psych pop whilst simultaneously providing evidence of a lyrical intelligence both subtle and twisted.

Bands like Special People serve a purpose and that purpose is to divert you from the relentless posturing of commercial, if there is any reward in such a thing these days, music makers and thus reminding you that the truth is out there grinding it up in a basement.

The cassette is available from Bandcamp.

Review Date: February 2, 2013