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  I’m Single b/w Unsolved Mysteries/Bath Salts by Heavy Times

I’m Single b/w Unsolved Mysteries/Bath Salts cover art

Artist: Heavy Times
Title: I’m Single b/w Unsolved Mysteries/Bath Salts
Catalogue Number: Hozac HZR-126
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2011

Time for another fix. Time for another shot in the arm with that most wondrous of musical formats. Time to shoot up some vinyl, in other words.  Not just any vinyl either but some Hozac gold vinyl cut with the essence of Heavy Times.

Another Chicago band (as if that were a bad thing…) running loose on the post punk power pop train line, Heavy Times play like they live in a time when people care about things like songs that you can actually remember ten minutes after you have heard them.  “I’m Single” thus leads off this three pronged assault on the collective consciousness. The song isn’t really going anywhere no one has been before but is instead going nowhere fast with a relentless face slap of inspiration keeping that twinkle in its eye company.
“Unsolved Mysteries” adds both poise and reverb for another collision with the eighties power pop with a shot of the Ramones on the side.  Rounding things off, “Bath Salts” really cooks up and ends up walking to the moon with but a punk riff to keep it company. And, lest I forget, a short detour for an oooh atomic I love Blondie snack.

It’s nice that songs like this get released on vinyl but the flat, thin sound does neither band nor label any favours here.  That’s the lo-fi way, I suppose.

Review Date: January 27, 2013