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  Fuzz b/w I Said So Far/French TV by Mil Mascaras

Fuzz b/w I Said So Far/French TV cover art

Artist: Mil Mascaras
Title: Fuzz b/w I Said So Far/French TV
Catalogue Number: Hozac HZR-124
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2012

Another 45rpm EP from those good people at Hozac Records and this time they have resurrected three songs by French group Mil Mascaras. 
It’s one of those blast from the past moments as “Fuzz” activates the grindhouse time machine and revisits London circa 1979. Crank it up loud, however, and there is a guilty pleasure to be had as a female voice  rants and chants from somewhere way back in the mix fighting to be heard over the pulsating rhythms that surely must be the product of some absinthe fuelled madness.

“I Said So Far”  then reuses the offbeat  chanting  to charm this time before the edgy swagger of the music builds with relentless ferocity to a climactic non-ending.  You’ve got to be cool to do that.

“French TV” is classic lo-fi possessed of a restrained cacophony reminiscent of the Slits but reborn and reinvented with the addition of copious Gallic charm (yes, charm again) and an endearing approach to maxing out the tempo before collapsing in stylish untidiness. When you think about it, lo-fi isn’t about poetry or perfection. No, it’s about impact and Mil Mascaras make a loud bang here. Maybe there would still be a music industry if bands like this had not fallen so far beneath their cocaine raddled radar.

First pressings were on translucent gold vinyl and had a different sleeve insert. Let’s be honest, sound quality was never going to be of any great importance to a band like this. In other words, you’ll be glad you bought a valve amplifier. Yes, you will.

Review Date: January 21, 2013