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  Video Club b/w Tu Sais by Marc Desse

Video Club b/w Tu Sais cover art

Artist: Marc Desse
Title: Video Club b/w Tu Sais
Catalogue Number: Bleeding Gold BG029
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2012

A picture disc? I haven’t seen one of those in a while. However, that format does seem to be appropriate to the music of Marc Desse  (you may know him as the front man for French electro-punk band Theatre Metamorphosis).
“Video Club” is a laconic example of late night electro looking for a basement to inhabit and a herbal cigarette to smoke. The entire song is squeezed up tight and our Mr Desse swaps words with the even more laconic Anne in the best call and response fashion whilst keyboards and riffling guitars fight for your aural attention.

“Tu Sais” does seem more of what you expect of Marc Desse with a more organic post punk feel prevalent.  That said, my money is still on “Video Club” as the one that you take home.

Available from Bandcamp.

Review Date: January 20, 2013