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  Black Soul by Gayze

Black Soul cover art

Artist: Gayze
Title: Black Soul
Catalogue Number: Bleeding Gold BG036
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2013

Revisionist or reversionary, they must have basements in Idaho. Basements that are places of worship to the lo-fi gods of reverb and ear bleeding volume. In that red lamp lit underground cauldron of musical regurgitation you will find bands like Gayze.
“Black Soul” is not about the fidelity and it’s probably not really about the music either. Barring a vaguely unconvincing in a drunkard’s conscience snippet going by the name of “You Got Me Wrong”, this band behave like it is all in the feel. There’s some howling and shouting and there’s some none too clearly delineated words. There’s some expelled from junior high guitar riffs and there is something akin to drum kit but most of all there is this wall of distorted mischievousness that runs straight at you and challenges you to ignore it. Our man inside, the one and only Phil Spector, would most certainly approve.

It ain’t smart but it ain’t stupid either and, no matter what way your ears take it, "Black Soul" ensures that Gayze are not likely to be mistaken for Coldplay.

Review Date: January 17, 2013