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  EP1 by Galoshins

EP1 cover art

Artist: Galoshins
Title: EP1
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM34
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2013

Ha, the ghost of anarchy is alive, and yet undead, in Gourock with only The Galoshins to keep him company in that squat at the end of Nowhere Street.  Possessed of his evil inspiration, this three piece band stray from the Scottish norm of mediocrity with their EP, imaginatively called “EP1”.

Without so much as a by your leave, they set up an urban groove based on distorted vocals and Ray Manzarek keyboard moves. God knows what they are singing about but I don’t suppose for a moment the words are the point. Instead it is the near relentless pulsation of men without a mission as they ramble and scramble through interludes of lucidity – like “Mink” - on their journey to the end of the night.

Let down only by the shoddy production, the Galoshins have the mark of a band with genuine passion for what they do and, with a bit of guidance, they could yet be the musical saviours of Inverclyde. Mediocrity is clearly alien to them.

Review Date: January 13, 2013