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  Love is Theft b/w С Новым Годом (שנה טובה) by Beachniks

Love is Theft b/w С Новым Годом (שנה טובה) cover art

Artist: Beachniks
Title: Love is Theft b/w С Новым Годом (שנה טובה)
Catalogue Number: Bleeding Gold BG033
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2012

The Beachniks hail from New York (or at least some of them seem to do anyway) and “Love is Theft” sounds pretty much as you would expect with the female vocals imbued with the essence of ShangriLas sass and unfortunate cardigans. The song does prove to be curiously uplifting which I didn’t really expect given the immunity that I thought I had to this sort of thing.

Keeping “Love is Theft” company is an oddball bit of Soviet influence as candyfloss call and response vocals meet the dry tones of Фриский in a diplomatic manoeuvre called С Новым Годом (שנה טובה). No, I don’t know what that means either but, given the Russian sense of humour, it is probably an ode to a relentless pink tank.  Or a ’74 Lada.  We may all take comfort in it anyway, my little chickadees, as this song is pretty in pink.

This split single is pressed on translucent pale blue vinyl and is shared with SmileLove.

Review Date: January 13, 2013