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  Win You Over by The Galipaygos

Win You Over cover art

Artist: The Galipaygos
Title: Win You Over
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Inverness and it’s been, consequently,  a while since I last heard the music of Inverness based band The Galipaygos. As I stir the porridge that is my mind, I recall being impressed by their album “The Demise of Gary Lipgloss” and now these good gentlemen of the north have another album out called “Win You Over”.

It is true that fans of this band’s previous work will find much to their liking here and that is no bad thing for, in these raucous times, hearing something of musical maturity is a pleasure indeed. The Galipaygos , still true to form, draw as much on the west coast of America country rock as they do their local fiddle powered inspiration and, as before, add some Edinburgh pop seasoning courtesy of two parts of Dropkick to cook up a damn fine casserole.
Time now for some words on the actual songs. “Same Voice” highlights the laidback and sonically endearing quality that is something of a trademark for The Galipaygos with harmonies appearing just where you would want them. However, the real gems – both from the pen of Andrew Still, by the way, are the bone dry indie pop “Honours Even” and the in the style of a seventies  chart topper “Who’s Counting”.  Pure pop works every time and, if you are a stranger to this band, these are the songs most likely to win you over.
Did you notice that? I actually ended the review by referencing the album title. I really should drink more. Or less.

Review Date: January 8, 2013