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  Pyjama Party by Izzy Lindqwister

Pyjama Party cover art

Artist: Izzy Lindqwister
Title: Pyjama Party
Catalogue Number: Smoky Carrot Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

I suspect that Sweden has a cunning plan to overwhelm the music business with a whole slew of songstresses willing and able to show up their worldwide competition. The newest sonic weapon in this onslaught of talent is Izzy Lindqwister who, it seems, has been billeted in France.
Her EP “Pyjama Party” certainly provides her with more than ample opportunity to show off her entirely convincing white girl soul vocal prowess on five songs of varying style and quality. And it is the quality of the songs that lets the side down somewhat here with “30 Days”, for example, never really getting out of the demo box. “Change Rearrange” is rather more ambitious but is more than a touch derivative (I was drawn to think of Julie Driscoll doing a Doors cover as a valid comparison). However, the cheesy pseudo ska meets ye-ye of “Les Gens Sont Fous Les Temps Sont…” is so insanely catchy that you can’t help but like it. Likewise, “Ready & Steady” just gets under your skin in that time honoured singalong pop style before “Solo” causes our Izzy to stumble at the last fence due to a case of musical indecision.

Nicely performed throughout, Izzy Lindqwister seems nonetheless a touch uncertain about the course she is trying to steer and, whilst she is always easy on the ear, she will need a firm hand on the tiller if she is to become the pop battleship that she has the talent to be.

Her EP is available from the Smoky Carrot website.

Review Date: December 27, 2012