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  In The Light by Shana Falana

In The Light cover art

Artist: Shana Falana
Title: In The Light
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Sometimes you can just sense the poetry as that eternal chasm of reverb spreads itself downwards into the shadows rather than praying to the sun. The guitars cascade, insistent drones of varying frequencies walk around the back of the room drums to flame on and create an atmosphere reeking of the dystopian and of misplaced musical loyalties. Sonic fairytales, in other words, but with a deeper purpose in a time honoured fashion.

The deliberate murkiness of “Dizzy Chant” leads us straight into the near trendiness of “Light The Fire” that is part Caethua, part La Sera and is no less than cuteness obscured by mysticality. “Tragic” is similarly accessible but still dark and doomladen and growing in scale with each verse as it trundles towards enlightenment. The light shines brightly, we sense, or at least it might do in the end.

“In the Light” Is fluffy in comparison and, dare I say it, endearing. It’s the kind of song that has vinyl stamped all over it and it functions nicely as a precursor to “U R Everything”  where everything loops back into the shadows for its distorted inspiration with Shana’s voice providing a delicate counterpoint to the accompanying doom laden drone . Last by your ears is “Yeah Yeah” and that laidback and reflective song provides a fitting end to a thematically complex set of songs.

All is more than it might seem and, in that respect, Shana Falana occupies a similar sonic space to, say, Tamaryn. One to ponder on awhile methinks.

Review Date: December 22, 2012