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  Beach EP by San Cisco

Beach EP cover art

Artist: San Cisco
Title: Beach EP
Catalogue Number: Columbia
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

Australian indie pop bunnies San Cisco set sail for the big time with the release of their EP “Beach”.  That, naturally, means no new ground gets treaded and fluffy pop confections are the order of the day.

Whilst “Reckless” and, indeed, the title track do tend towards the sensitive, it is  the other songs that make the most impact with the playful and upbeat  “Lover” having what is commonly referred to as “obvious single” stamped all over it. “Golden Revolver” throws in a bit of relentlessly jaunty electro power into the mix and is decorated with a proper sing along bit to get the kids doing just that.

San Cisco is a good example of what makes a pop band these days. Hell, you could even call them a fun band and not get yourself prosecuted for misrepresenting them.

Review Date: December 10, 2012