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  Visions EP by Izzi Dunn

Visions EP cover art

Artist: Izzi Dunn
Title: Visions EP
Catalogue Number: Idunnit Music
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

There is the arbitrary, there is the bizarre and there is the conventional and Izzi Dunn is nothing if not conventional. Not for her the oblique minimalism of fellow cellist Linnea Olsson as she steps cautiously yet confidently through the four songs on her EP “Visions”.

Don’t get me wrong. Izzi Dunn puts not a designer shorned foot wrong here exhibiting a consistent elegance and laconic selflessness in her performance.  That’s the kind of description that you might well be thinking I would be applying to Lana Del Ray and that would indeed be a valid comparison to make.

 As she simmers through “Pictures of You”, Ms Dunn sidesteps that hint of lyrical awkwardness and instead emphasises the eminently civilised instrumentation that makes the song.  That very civilisation then gets put in the oven with her voice and heated right up to smouldering point with the resulting “It Wasn’t Love” more than ready for immediate late night consumption. Then as if to end things on sweet melancholy, the title track leads us out into the dawn on a Marks and Spencer dessert of Brontë wistfulness.

Sophisticated almost to a fault, Izzi Dunn is the kind of singer that you could take home to meet your mother and that, though it may not sound like it, is a compliment.

Review Date: December 4, 2012