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  Retribution by Greenthief

Retribution cover art

Artist: Greenthief
Title: Retribution
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Look outside dear old Great Britain – you do remember when Britain was great, don’t you? – and indie rock means a lot more than three chords and maximum compression. Look perhaps to Australia and you find a band like Greenthief who are prepared to attempt mastery of the genre.

Their EP “Retribution” shows Greenthief to be a band imbued with confidence and a desire to stray from the norm. Even Julian Schweitzer’s vocals are divorced from the rock pastiche posturing that curses their competitors to eternal mediocrity and his ability to take his guitar on a walk through a psych influenced journey through the effects pedals – as in “Mayan Dawn” – is equally worthy of note.
With but five songs to showcase their talents, Greenthief waste no time here. They’ve got the theatrical groove thang going and I, for one, will be listening out for more of their skewed riffs.

Review Date: December 2, 2012