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  Death Rides Southwards by Tumbleweed Dealer

Death Rides Southwards cover art

Artist: Tumbleweed Dealer
Title: Death Rides Southwards
Catalogue Number: Mosh Pit Tragedy Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

There are times when using words like uninspired, dull and repetitive in a review is just too easy. Instrumentals, by their very nature, provide way too much opportunity for pointless self-indulgence and Tumbleweed Dealer fall right into that trap with their EP “Death Rides Southwards”.

There are but three tracks here – it seems excessive to call them songs – with little in the way of musical skill or imagination on show and Tumbleweed Dealer drift into nothingness with remarkable speed. Rather amusingly, much is made of the drug addled creation of these self-indulgences in the press release making this tedious EP about as good an advert for saying no to drugs as you are likely to get.

Review Date: November 26, 2012