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  Black And White Boy EP by Black And White Boy

Black And White Boy EP cover art

Artist: Black And White Boy
Title: Black And White Boy EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Turn your back for a moment and another one sneaks up on you. No, not another jakey trying to tap the bus fare home from you but another voice of displaced youth in anxiety mode trying to make a musical mark on a disinterested world.  Today’s case for Prozac hails from Ayrshire and goes by the name of Black And White Boy.

Black and White Boy stay firmly on the sensitive side of the fence throughout these four songs with much in the way of introspection and maudlin myopia being demonstrated. So far so what, I hear you say. The remedy to the so what part is the voice of Andrew Nicol  who, remarkably for someone from this part of the world, stamps his authority on the deliberately downbeat lyrics whilst nonchalantly showing up his underwhelming band at the same time.  “In the Dark” stands out as the song most likely to get an audience waving its collective lighter in the air and “Hide” as the song that best demonstrates our Mr Nicol’s ability as a singer.

There’s promise to be found on this EP and that is a cause for celebration.

Review Date: October 28, 2012