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  Noughts & Crosses EP by White Light Theory

Noughts & Crosses EP cover art

Artist: White Light Theory
Title: Noughts & Crosses EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

If I hadn’t read their bio, I wouldn’t have known that these four boys were actually from dear old Glasgow town as their EP “Noughts and Crosses” seems positively American in both its presentation and its influences.

White Light Theory are quite obviously enamoured of the American chart toppers of a decade ago with all three songs here sounding like the children of, say, a Green Day album with “Cards On The Table”, in particular, being so familiar that you will swear that you have heard it before. White Light Theory, however, demonstrate a clear affection for their influences and that steers then away from being mere revivalists (and keeps them from getting bogged down in the indie rock quagmire). So, if you are that way inclined, there will be no shame whatsoever in waving your lighters in the air to the crowd pleasing “His Girl Friday” or indeed the title track just like it was 2003.

Review Date: October 23, 2012