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  Come To Me by Kelly Erez

Come To Me cover art

Artist: Kelly Erez
Title: Come To Me
Catalogue Number: Definition Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

You start cynical. You’ve heard the story a hundred times before. Kelly Erez, after all, is described as an emerging independent UK r&b/soul artist and they is hardly a shortage of those these days. She even looks all sweet and adorable on the album sleeve. Therefore, it should be easy to dismiss her as just another urban princess on the up and up? Not that easy as it turns out.
If you want to follow a career as a singer then you had better have a voice.  Kelly Erez, fortunately, has such a voice. A voice that exceeds the limitations of her songs or rather the limitations of what is expected of a song in the r&b/soul genre as each of these songs, all taken at a leisurely pace by the way, are actually decent examples of commercial song writing. They don’t however provide much room for Ms Erez to let go with only “Better Everyday” and Not The Girl” really providing her with the opportunity to soar.

That said, Kelly Erez has a voice that entrances with a rare ability to mix precision with emotion. If she can find a signature song, then she will undoubtedly do well.

Review Date: October 14, 2012