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  Thirteen Moons by Alycea and The X Isles

Thirteen Moons cover art

Artist: Alycea and The X Isles
Title: Thirteen Moons
Catalogue Number: 5th World
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

A folk rock band from NYC, Alycea and The X Isles have effectively captured the mood of the socially concerned with their album “Thirteen Moons”. In many ways, this album seems to hail from the days of sixties protest singers and is pervaded by the ghost of their sense of social injustice.

Perhaps unremarkably therefore, Alycea and The X Isles cover many of the same subjects like environmental problems and an unpopular war. The times, it seems, may change but the song remains the same which, if you think about it, is more than a bit concerning.

Alycea herself has the kind of voice that suggests innocence and she, perhaps as a result of that very innocence, hits each song with a directness and youthful exuberance. The X Isles likewise sound like newcomers sometimes to the point of awkwardness but that pretty much fits the vibe.

Probably the most commercial song, and something of an anachronism in the contest of the album, is “True Friends” that takes a very confident step into conventional singer songwriter territory and so much so that it makes a more topical song like “Piper To Pay” seem somewhat awkward and contrived.

However, taken as a whole, “Thirteen Moons” is an uplifting album with its charm and conscience much to its favour.

Review Date: October 11, 2012