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  Paper Lung EP by Rebecca Shearing

Paper Lung EP cover art

Artist: Rebecca Shearing
Title: Paper Lung EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

You can’t go far wrong with girl next door appeal and Rebecca Shearing starts off on the a journey down the highway to success using just that approach on her EP “Paper Lung”. There’s nothing too threatening here and plenty that will charm the ears of the great British public.

Ms Shearing is fond of a ballad and makes the most impact when she goes all meaningful. Making a song about misdirected young love – even when you are as young as she is – convincing isn’t easy but she keeps it real on both “Just 18” and, especially, on “Time”.  Whilst the rather breathless “Worth It” seems altogether less comfortable for this Edinburgh songstress, it is the lead song, “Paper Lung” that makes the most impact here. It sounds a lot bigger than the other songs keeping it company on this EP leading to the inevitable  conclusion that this is the one is destined for the radio.

A solid start then for Rebecca Shearing. Anyone for another Amy Macdonald? I think we might just have found one.

Review Date: October 2, 2012