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  Audiorape by Chad Frey

Audiorape cover art

Artist: Chad Frey
Title: Audiorape
Catalogue Number: Frey Nation Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Why would any musician call their album “Audiorape”? It would be equivalent to commercial suicide but Ohio’s purveyor of bedroom nihilism, Chad Frey, is clearly no stranger to the irony of such a situation. In fact, he takes things even further and creates a self destructing musical tapestry out of nine tracks of rarities, unreleased and even new material.

I’ll give him this. Chad Frey is consistent. He takes the raw route and resolutely refuses to properly record or mix any of these songs and completes things by drowning them in a stale pool of eighties rock references. True to his naturalistic style, he also resolutely refuses to autotune his vocals or, for that matter, to reliably sing in tune. That’s keeping it real and that’s a fact.

Nonetheless, I’m sure that Chad Frey will become a YouTube legend.

Review Date: September 30, 2012