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  Live at KVIE Studios by Blame Sally

Live at KVIE Studios cover art

Artist: Blame Sally
Title: Live at KVIE Studios
Catalogue Number: Ninth Street Opus NS027
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Female harmonies always entrance me and San Francisco based folk rock quartet Blame Sally do a nice line in such harmonies. Perhaps being far removed from fresh faced beginners helped in that respect but you can’t have such moves if you haven’t got the inherent style.

There is a cultured eloquence to all that Blame Sally do with an unrushed attitude being the order of the day. Mellow, restrained guitar, for example, keeps those harmonies company on the opening track “Big Bad Bed” and “Living without You” is a lyrically intelligent MOR song that is especially easy on the ear. It is also no surprise to find a couple of covers amongst the band penned songs in this live set with a straight run through Fleetwood Mac ‘s “Never Going Back Again” being exactly what you might expect. “Chain Of Fools” however gets tempo shifted downwards into something of a reinterpretation and one that makes this song’s potential as a feminist anthem all the clearer. The best song, however, is the subtly instrumented “Pajoras Sin Alas”. Truly a most entrancing entertainment to these ears.

“Live at KVIE Studios” is indeed a mellow and surefooted thing to behold with Blame Sally – a band that I had never heard of before this release – showing up many more highly prized purveyors of musical pleasures. 

Review Date: September 26, 2012