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  In Monochrome EP by Origami Horses

In Monochrome EP cover art

Artist: Origami Horses
Title: In Monochrome EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

Alt-noise pranksters? That what it says here as a description for Canterbury band Origami Horses. As a description for any band, that has to raise a laugh. No surprise then that there is an underlying humour to their EP “In Monochrome”.

Like many bands, Origami Horses liberally reinterpret the past as an when they need to but, unlike so many bands, they manage to bring freshness to all that they do. Much of that is due to the obvious energy that they pour into their songs for this is not just noise – although the edgy guitars on “She’s So Wired It’s Hard To Tell” are pure Mancunian post punk in their intensity  - but melody amplified and cunningly disguised into a somewhat shambolic, and sometimes off key,  whole and, even in their quieter moments such as “Bombers”, their rough round the edges approach revives such commonplace things as a post psych groove and converts it into gloriously homespun garage rock sentimentality.

You won’t need many fingers to count the chords in a song like “Velvet Rock” but that is hardly the point.  You see, it ain’t what you do but what you do with it that counts and Origami Horses have got it right here. So pass up on pretension for a while and enjoy a band that sound like they actually like what they do.

Best played loud etc. etc.

Review Date: September 17, 2012