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  Looter’s Game b/w Highs And Lows by People’s Temple

Looter’s Game b/w Highs And Lows cover art

Artist: People’s Temple
Title: Looter’s Game b/w Highs And Lows
Catalogue Number: Hozac HZR-121
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2012

Made up of two sets of brothers from Michigan, People’s Temple are nothing if not prolific judging from their past releases and this vinyl single – on translucent gold vinyl at that – is sure to be one that makes them more friends.

On top is “Looter’s Game”, a song too young to be retro but possessed of an effective and affectionate pastiche of that post psych pop sound that transcends any accusation of mere derivation. The guitars punch at you, the vocals run towards the laconic and with a nicely aged patina, “Looter’s Game” turns into a proper pop song, maybe exorcised from a time gone by, but a proper pop song nonetheless.

“Highs and Lows”, on the flipside, bastes itself in melancholy into but stays on the sunny side of shoegaze through, again, that retro feel. It’s very lo-fi but it seems to work out just fine anyway. And you even get a false fade. I like false fades.

The gold vinyl version is a limited edition of 200 copies, by the way.

Review Date: September 16, 2012