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  Body Mass Index by Cuddly Shark

Body Mass Index cover art

Artist: Cuddly Shark
Title: Body Mass Index
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM30CD
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

It seems like only yesterday that it was, well, yesterday. Cuddly Shark had released their debut album and all seemed well with the world. Rolling forward to the present and Cuddly Shark have now released an EP called “Body Mass Index”. Has the past changed the present or vice versa and are Mars Bars really best when deep fried?

We are talking Cuddly Shark here so you can be assured that their trademark boisterousness has not been swamped by time compression or excessive amounts of saturated fat.  “Body Mass Index” does seem almost too easy a target for a band normally overdosing on quirkiness but the pulsating “Overpriced” soon claims back the anarchy and posts it on, near seamlessly, to “Losing The Room”.

There’s always room for a riff and that’s exactly what you get with “Politicol” but it is perhaps merely a setup for a bit of the old Weezer styled “Skewiff” that is served with a subtly seasoned garnish of pop perfection. Then, just to round things off, Cuddly Shark go all sort of cuddly and sentimental and use “The Man You Want” as the sugar high before the bill arrives.

No surprises here but Cuddly Shark still stomp over most bands native to Glasgow.

Review Date: September 12, 2012