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  Crystal Anis by The Limiñanas

Crystal Anis cover art

Artist: The Limiñanas
Title: Crystal Anis
Catalogue Number: Hozac HZR-119
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2012

My resistance is crumbling. Maybe it is a French style thing but I find myself overcome by the deadly cool chain smoking sounds of The Limiñanas with their falling backwards out of the sixties and landing in left of centre lo-fi land album “Crystal Anis”.

Hooked by the spaghetti western feel of “Salvation” and then hypnotised by the hip swaying huskiness of “Longanisse”, I was led by these pied pipers of finger snapping Gauloise disdain on a walk through the urban shadows. Even the Birkin coquettishness of “Kinam Baby” seemed so very much in the right place that it did not ring the alarm bells – I knew that French/English dictionary would eventually come in handy - that such a dark little ditty should.
It is hard to believe that you can fit so much European super cool into the grooves of a vinyl LP but there it is for all to hear and, whilst they are at it, The Limiñanas emote deeper meaning like Monsieur Gainsbourg did back in the day whilst still being playful enough to be the soundtrack to a Jess Franco sleazefest.

OK, a couple of the songs have sneaked out on other labels but who can resist the gold vinyl charms of this Hozac release? Not me, that’s for sure.

Review Date: September 11, 2012