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  Waiting For The Storm by Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward

Waiting For The Storm cover art

Artist: Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward
Title: Waiting For The Storm
Catalogue Number: Cannery Row Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

You won’t get much more mellow than this near horizontal album from Mark Mulholland and Craig Ward where every attempt has been made to create the sonic equivalent of Ovaltine.

Guaranteeing a good night’s sleep, therefore, are no less than ten songs of carefully calculated indifference that, if you manage to pay attention, never actually seem to go anywhere.  Underpinning that lack of achievement are some distinctly careless harmonies, some uninspired guitar playing and a nagging feeling that the not so dynamic duo might actually have been trying to be enigmatic.

I feel another yawn coming on.

Review Date: September 8, 2012