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  Rivers will Run EP by House of Hats

Rivers will Run EP cover art

Artist: House of Hats
Title: Rivers will Run EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Music soothes the savage brow, or say they say, and House of Hats are nothing if not soothing during the course of their EP “Rivers Will Run” with four songs of such mellowness that you might think that war is truly over.

As a bonus, this Brighton based band sound more folk rock than Americana and with elegant harmonies – the real type rather than the added digitally later type – powering their songs onwards and upwards.  The title song, “Rivers will Run”, is easy on the ear but it does not compare to the sonorous female vocals on “Home Is Where The Heart Is” that practically stroke the back of your neck.

If you seek excitement then your ears will have to look elsewhere but if it is a tune or two to kick back and relax to then House of Hats have just the songs for you.

Review Date: September 4, 2012