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  Montgomery EP by Montgomery

Montgomery EP cover art

Artist: Montgomery
Title: Montgomery EP
Catalogue Number: DiNotte Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Although it is probably an overuse of a stereotype, Italians have style. Montgomery, an Italian band on the cusp of power pop and dream pop clearly have style and their self titled EP has not one, not two but five songs that provide evidence of just that.

It might sound like much of an achievement in what has become a three chord world but Montgomery have that summery feel of proper pop music à la Maypops sorted right out with Duccio Simbeni leading the band like a man on a mission to charm. There’s not a weak song here with much thought and care evident in those superficially lightweight arrangements. It’s never that easy to make such things look easy , of course,  and that is where the style thing comes in. “Songs like “On Sunday” and “Mary Only Knows” float like clouds in the sky but you are never really aware of just how complex the music you are listening to actually is. Everything is cut just right.

Five songs of deep musical satisfaction sounds like a pretty good deal to me

Review Date: August 25, 2012