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  Exhibition of Hate by The New Fabian Society

Exhibition of Hate cover art

Artist: The New Fabian Society
Title: Exhibition of Hate
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

Hiding in the shadows on anonymity are The New Fabian Society with this follow up to their earlier EP “Exhibition of Love”. As the title might suggest their new EP – “Exhibition of Hate” – is a bleak affair, if rather more aggressive than its predecessor.

So, we have a case of more of the same but then some. The New Fabian Society sound more confident this time round but lost in space and reverb is once again the name of the game and, perhaps surprisingly, they pull it off (again) for, unlike so many of their doom laden contemporaries, The New Fabian Society , have learned how to scale things  up. You are getting off lightly with the opening song “Hate Fills The Day” as that song merely sets the scene for the final epic – and that is the best way to describe it - of “We Parted Ways”.  Six minutes plus of post relationship breakdown counselling filled with concentrated wisdom like “The guy you are seeing is a c*nt and that’s for sure”.  Made to be massive and that’s the truth.

An EP? No, this is distorted guitar powered dystopian madness crossed with angst overload. It won’t go down at all well with your Sugar Puffs at breakfast time but real men don’t do Sugar Puffs anyway so what the hell.

Available for download from Bandcamp.

Review Date: August 25, 2012