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  Where The Darkness Goes by Awna Teixeira

Where The Darkness Goes cover art

Artist: Awna Teixeira
Title: Where The Darkness Goes
Catalogue Number: ART001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Time once more for some Americana from Canada. This time, it is the turn of Awna Teixeira to take a break from the band Po’ Girl and strike out in the direction of solo success with her debut album “Where The Darkness Goes”.

If you are a fan of Po’ Girl then you will be relived to learn that Ms Teixeira does not stray far from the warm sentimentality of the aforementioned band. The songs, and performances, are eloquent throughout and far from charmless and she hits her stride early with the eminently catchy “Some Kind Of Dream” showing that there is some serious commercial, Nashville friendly,songwriting ability here. However, it is on the slower songs that Ms Teixeira shows her skill as a singer with “Rest Your Mind” wrapping itself around you like a blanket on a winter’s night.

“Where The Darkness Goes” is a confident debut album but, then gain, you would expect no less from a Po’ Girl.

Review Date: August 19, 2012