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  Step Inside EP by South of Ramona

Step Inside EP cover art

Artist: South of Ramona
Title: Step Inside EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2012

I always wondered about the appeal of Americana. As a genre it seems something of an adventure in revivalism by bands constrained by a coffin dodger mentality. Then along comes a band like South of Ramona and the sunshine breaks through the dungaree clad clouds of mediocrity.

Whilst the sound quality of “Step Inside” is more akin to a demo, there is no doubting that the sparkle in the songs and performances of this band mark this EP as a big step in the direction of success. Richard Dean brings a theatrical hoarseness to the vocals and it is that stylised approach that lifts proceedings towards the sky with “The Lonesome Road”, in particular, echoing The Band more than Mumford and Sons. Likewise, “Shangri-La avoids walking the dusty plains one more in time and instead takes a rollicking rumble down Jason Webley boulevard As you will have guessed by now, I like a band with fire in their collective belly and South of Ramona have been playing with matches.
South of Ramona is a band with potential and this EP is the evidence. All they need now is for somebody to spend some money on them.

Review Date: August 14, 2012