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  Live in Melbourne by The Dad Horse Experience XXL

Live in Melbourne cover art

Artist: The Dad Horse Experience XXL
Title: Live in Melbourne
Catalogue Number: Fuego/Off Label Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

You seek them there you seek them everywhere but you really wouldn’t expect to a German musical eccentric like The Dad Horse Experience to go walkabout in Australia. However, things are as they are and “Live in Melbourne” is the proof that the “Keller gospel” can be successfully transported.

Like all live albums, it would, in all likelihood, have been better to have been there if only to experience first hand the left of centre between the songs banter that could be best described as oblique even allowing for what gets lost in the realtime translation to English. Musically, Dad Horse Ottn has taken the opportunity to add a couple of likeminded compadres to fatten up his sound but, no matter how you look, listen or ponder it, this is a set of songs that walk up to the quirky bar and order a large gospel one.

Naturally, his best known songs like “Lord Must Fix My Soul” and “Gates of Heaven” are found here and they, indeed, benefit from being less stripped down than the one man in a studio versions that you might be familiar with.  Odd that, the live versions sounding fuller and more complete than the studio versions…

All that is left to say is that “Live in Melbourne” is the work of a proper eccentric and for that we should all be grateful. Long live The Dad Horse Experience !

Review Date: August 4, 2012