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  Zulus by Zulus

Zulus cover art

Artist: Zulus
Title: Zulus
Catalogue Number: Aagoo Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

There’s always room in my heart for a bit of post punk American style theatre and that’s what you get from Brooklyn band Zulus. The names in the frame for this little adventure in ripped up reverb and power chords are Daniel Martens, Aleksander Prechti, Jeremy Scott and Julian Benett Holmes and, as a band, they are haunted by the ghosts of every past midnight band you never heard in a midtown basement.

Deranged and drowned in misery surf guitars drive the songs along leaving the drums hovering about in the background waiting for that moment when their simple malevolence can make a mark. Sitting atop that organised cacophony are vocals lost in Prodigy flanging. God knows what the lyrics are but does that really matter? Impact is the name of the game here and not knowing what is going on just adds to the experience.

Naturally, there are no epics here and only two songs breach the four minute barrier although you ever really notice that givens the concerted sonic assault that Zulus launch upon you. Best song here is the bang a drum to the Voidoid beat “Blackout”. It’s not even two minutes long yet it will still give you a concussion.

Review Date: August 1, 2012