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  Get your Soul Washed by Ladylike Lily

Get your Soul Washed cover art

Artist: Ladylike Lily
Title: Get your Soul Washed
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

There is something about the French language that makes even a press release seem enticing. Not that I actually read any press releases, whether or not they are in French, but that sense of foreign exotica nonetheless applied to this album by Ladylike Lily.

I was therefore almost disappointed to find out that Ladylike Lily – aka Orianne Marsillili and her associates Loig Nguyen, Yoann Buffeteau and Pierre Marolleau – actually sings in English. Almost disappointed until it became clear that she was a true purveyor of musical fragility and delicacy and it takes but a moment for the minimalist syncopation of “Prickling” to cast its spell upon your ears as if it were the soundtrack to some fairytale. That fairytale aspect  seems to pervade the songs on this album with each one spinning a web of other worldliness even if the words to “Apologize” - “…I will make you a pie” – seem more possessed of Brothers Grimm malevolence than culinary skills.

There is an endearing quirkiness too with “Frogs On My Side” highlighting Ladylike Lily’s  lyrical and sonic playfulness.  However, despite that quintessentially European vibe, her music bears closest comparison with that of less mainstream Americans like Shelley Short (which is praise indeed in my book). “Get Your Soul Washed” is another album – it has been a good week for such things – that will charm you.

Review Date: August 1, 2012