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  When Sands Are Shifting by Nest Featherers

When Sands Are Shifting cover art

Artist: Nest Featherers
Title: When Sands Are Shifting
Catalogue Number: Nest 001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Curiosity got the better of me with this album. No press release came with it and precious little about this band was to be found on the Internet thingy so I had no ready and reasonable excuse for filing this one straight into the round filing cabinet next to my desk. In these days of information overload, Nest Featherers might just have come up with an effective new approach to PR.

Anyway, you are probably wondering about their album “When Sands Are Shifting”. Four bars in and thoughts of indie rock are soon banished for Nest Featherers appear to be more a mainstream rock band – of the post hippy seventies type - with a conscience. Topical talking points such as the behaviour of our lords and bankers are the subject of “Greed” and “The Trough” while environmental concerns get earnestly addressed in “Unsustainable”. OK, you would expect a proper rock band to be singing about stuff like smoking chicks and boning drugs (or something like that) but this is, after all, the 21st century and riffs and macho posturing are no longer enough. Yes, even an amplified axeman has to have the right attitude and be sensitive to what is going on around him. That said, I will still be disappointed if any of this band – I assume that it is a band even though the album does sometimes seem the work of one man – own anything as mundane as a Primark cardigan.

I’m kind of glad that I actually listened to this album. “When The Sands Are Shifting” is an honest effort and Nest Featherers – whoever they/he may be – have their heart and power chords in the right place.

Review Date: July 25, 2012