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  Little Big Sky by Susan Cattaneo

Little Big Sky cover art

Artist: Susan Cattaneo
Title: Little Big Sky
Catalogue Number: Jersey Girl Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Fifteen seconds into the first song - “Let The Music Deliver Me” – from her album “Little Big Sky” and you know where Susan Cattaneo wants to go. No, it isn’t Kansas or even Wichita but right down that highway to Nashville. You could even, if you were cynical, describe her album with one word. And that word? Wynonna, of course.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with making music for mainstream country radio and late model Ford pickup trucks and, in truth, Ms Cattaneo does a thoroughly professional job here. It is no stretch of the imagination, for example,  to imagine the up-tempo songs like “Spare Parts” getting the white wine spritzers flying across the bar straight into the waiting hands of sparkly cowgirls everywhere and even the mid tempo sentimentality of  “Pennies On The Rail” seems almost destined for the sponsorship of a Banana Daiquiri mix.

There are only seven tracks here and Wynonna could do a lot worse than appropriate a few of these songs for her own album. More a songwriter than a performer judging by her showing on this album, Susan Cattaneo clearly knows what she doing. It’s the middle of the road and, after all, everybody wants to drive right up that in their American born and bred SUV.

Review Date: July 18, 2012