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  Heart & Soul, Pt 1 by Vigo Thieves

Heart & Soul, Pt 1 cover art

Artist: Vigo Thieves
Title: Heart & Soul, Pt 1
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2012

Scotland can be a great place for music if you take mainstream popularity as a measure of greatness. Franz Ferdinand, The View, The Fratellis, Glasvegas – they’ve all, for better or worse, made a splash in the dirty pond that is the UK music scene. Vigo Thieves are potentially next in line. I personally, would hope not, but freedom of choice is forever a good thing.

No marks for creativity in the title, but the band do try their best to replicate the anodyne post-punk pabulum of U2 and Glasvegas – and they do so pretty well. “Steal Your Heart” is probably a decent song if you’ve never heard Glasvegas before.

“Heartbeat” is somewhat misleading, so at this point I’ll tip it to become a hit despite an apparent lack of any outstanding qualities. Obviously gunning at the big paydays, the band kick it up a notch on “Love Is Dead.” The formula seems to work: made it as bland and inoffensive as possible.
“She’s On Fire” inexplicably borrows a pair of female lungs as the song hits its crescendo, before plummeting again into the ranks of the dire. Fittingly, the band end on another boring song. “Steal Your Heart, Pt 2” seems to serve no purpose other than bringing the EP to its end.
With all this considered, it’s fair to say that the Vigo Thieves have the necessary insignificance to go far with their music. It’s not good, but that won’t be an issue when the major labels come calling.

Review Date: July 15, 2012