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  Like Love EP by There There

Like Love EP cover art

Artist: There There
Title: Like Love EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

Garage rock is a strange thing. Leave it out in the sun for too long – and you get a lot of sun in Arizona – and it dries out, even matures if you like, into something with less attitude and altogether more atmosphere.  There There are unlikely to deny their lo-fi DIY heritage either going by the five songs on their “Like Love”

No strangers to reverb, There There swirl their musical message around you like a maelstrom of emotions but neatly sanded down for presentational effectiveness. They are La Sera without the cuteness, they are Buffy St Marie reincarnated and reinvented with the message distilled from the skies and concentrated into a guitar full of deeper meaning with “Fireflies” bringing not light to the darkness but a candle to the fog. “Under Sand” then goes all trippy and military march at the same time as cascading riffs worthy of Martin Metcalfe take the song onwards and upwards to the night sky. Though downbeat,  “All Things Come To Pass” is the closest thing to a radio friendly song - they used to be called "singles" back in the day - that this band have with Alisha’s emotive vocals leading your heart to the cliff of doom as the drums shuffle hypnotically beneath jagged guitars repurposed as musical punctuation.

There There are a band lost in reverb and the ethereal. Give them a chance and you could lose yourself to them as well.

Review Date: July 9, 2012